About ProfitStance

We strive to create a world where the crypto industry is trusted.

Our Story

Our founder, Corey, bought his first Bitcoin in 2010 because he believed in the technology, saw real long-term value in it, and wanted to see it grow. Later he invested in a growing mining operation, and continued to grow his crypto investments, but he needed a way to accurately account for his business income and capital gains taxes. He surveyed the market and nothing met his needs, so he decided to take the problem into his own hands. Corey hand-selected the best and brightest in the industry to solve the crypto tax nightmare and ProfitStance was born.

We hope you love using our product as much as we love helping crypto investors and the crypto industry grow.

Our Mission

Our mission at ProfitStance is to help investors and traders create more wealth and live better, more fulfilling financial lives. We believe in the principles of financial independence and decentralization while also recognizing the balance of society’s need for regulation, compliance, and tax revenue. We manage this balance and help the industry, and the individuals creating it, continue to succeed.


Our Philosophy & Values

Our foundation as a company is based on what we call LIGHT attributes. We strive to communicate with our customers, partners, and each other based on these values.


Our History

  • Jan 2018

    ProfitStance Founded

  • Jun 2018

    Hired Awesome Team

  • Aug 2018

    Friends & Family Round Closed

  • Dec 2018

    Launched Exclusive Private Beta

  • Jan 2019

    Closed $1M Seed Round

Our People

Corey Blaser

Corey Blaser

Chief Executive Officer

Corey has more than 18 years of leadership experience in the technology sector. He has served as a consultant to some of Utah’s most prominent tech companies, and was an early Bitcoin and blockchain technology supporter.

Seth Wilks

Seth Wilks

CFO, EVP of Tax

Seth has 14 years of tax experience working with large multi-national corporations. He has previously been the global head of tax for Fender Musical Instruments, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, and Clarus Corporation.

James Clawson

James Clawson

Chief Technology Officer

James has 27 years of professional software development experience with an emphasis in distributed data processing, financial services, analytics, and enterprise application architectures.

Neil Smith

Neil Smith

EVP, Human Operations

Neil’s wide background in business, communication, and philosophy, have afforded global experience with government, civic, and philanthropic entities which he now adapts to the crypto ecosystem.

James Meyer

James Meyer

Director of UX & Brand

James brings over 12 years of design experience to the team. Having worked at Omniture, Adobe, and DigiCert, now he’s bringing a user focus and an Agile development process to the ProfitStance product team.

Jared Blaser

Jared Blaser


Jared has nearly 40 years of leadership experience as an executive, entrepreneur, mentor, and advisor. He was previously Vice President of Development over Novell’s flagship product, NetWare 4.

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