Get Your Crypto Taxes Right and Avoid That April Anxiety

Time is money. Take both back with our easy-to-use service and make taxes a breeze.








No more guessing!

Calculate your crypto taxes quickly and correctly with just a few clicks.

Don’t Let Crypto Taxes Bog You Down

ProfitStance is here to make calculating your cryptocurrency gains and losses easy. Get the tax forms you need in just minutes.

Keep Your Data Private and Secure

We’ve taken extra precautions to ensure your user and financial info are kept anonymous and secure—just like we’d want our’s.

Stay Confident, Be Honest, Pay Less

Keeping your crypto taxes straight avoids confusion and anxiety. Know that you’re paying the right amount and not a penny more.

I approached ProfitStance skeptically as I do with all new crypto tax products, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised because not only was the tool easy to use, but the numbers matched what my accountant produced in 2017. It was incredible! These guys have their ducks in a row!


High Growth Enabler & Part Time Crypto Investor

Stop Worrying About What Forms You Need

ProfitStance gets you the correct documents in minutes.


Form 8949


Schedule D

The Peace of Mind you Need

Enjoy the same confidence we do! ProfitStance is the program we created for our own crypto taxes, and we want you to have access to the same resources.

Benefits Once you Sign Up

ProfitStance’s standard package will get you immediate access to the Form 8949 and Schedule D tax forms. Everything you need to start reporting your crypto income!

Our $1,000,000 Guarantee

We are constantly testing and re-testing our calculations. We guarantee 100% accuracy or we’ll cover your IRS interest and fines up to $1,000,000.

Your Cryptocurrency Kept in Your Hands

Don’t worry about trade access when divulging your sensitive information. ProfitStance insists on read-only access of your financials. We’re here to help without compromising your security.

Analytics to Guide you to the future

Know right where you stand. ProfitStance shows your running tax liability, keeps all transactions in one place, and breaks down how much you’re spending on fees.

Start Now In Just 3 Easy Steps


Create an account.

It’s pain-free and quick! We are available to walk you through the process and you’ll be up and running in just minutes.


Connect your exchanges and wallets.

With just a few clicks you’ll connect to your exchanges and wallets. And don’t worry, we keep your data completely anonymous within our system.


Print your tax documents.

In just minutes you’ll have all your calculations done and your forms ready to download and print. Sit back, relax, and know your crypto taxes are done, done immediately, and done right.

Software Created by Crypto Owners for Crypto Owners

The most accurate crypto transaction data in the industry with full correlation and cost-basis tracking.
Real-time overview of your entire crypto portfolio including total value and YTD estimated tax liability.
Data import from any crypto exchange, wallet, or digital asset.
Summary view of holdings in each exchange or wallet.
Access to all the tax documents needed to fully report crypto gains and losses in PDF format.
All applicable forms: Form 8949, Form 8949 worksheet, Schedule D.
Accounts that can connect directly to a CPA who also uses ProfitStance.
Security features including two-factor authentication and full audit log of account activity.

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