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Cryptocurrency investors are growing in number. Train your CPAs with our Crypto Tax CPE course so you don’t get left behind!


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Bring your CPAs up to speed on cryptocurrency so your clients hear “We can help you” rather than “I don’t know.”

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Give your CPAs the tools they need so they can handle business income and capital gains taxes from crypto investments.

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Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge crypto tax knowledge and tools that will make you a leader in your industry.

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ProfitStance Platform

ProfitStance provides the leading tax and accounting platform for the cryptocurrency industry. Our tool will connect with your clients’ assets, wallets, and exchanges and automatically calculate their tax gains and losses.

Call us today to learn how our platform provides real-time tax data for your clients with absolute anonymity and a 100% accuracy guarantee.

I approached ProfitStance skeptically as I do with all new crypto tax products, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised because not only was the tool easy to use, but the numbers matched what my accountant produced in 2017. It was incredible! These guys have their ducks in a row!


High Growth Enabler & Part Time Crypto Investor

Become a Crypto Tax Expert

Your clients trust you to help them pay their taxes. It’s time your CPAs gain the expertise they need to help honest crypto investors pay honest taxes. Call today to set up your training.

See relevant IRS codes with examples.
Comply with the latest IRS and international tax guidelines.
Learn to evaluate and select the proper crypto-tax tools.
Use as an easy reference when talking with clients.
Act with confidence and authority.
Give better, more accurate advice.

FREE Crypto Tax Reference Manual

Don’t ignore this rapidly growing pool of investors. Download our crypto tax reference manual, and learn all you need to know to help your clients pay an honest tax.

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